Buy Gift Cards For Someone Special

How It Works:

Gift Card Denominations: Select from the drop down options below for the desired denomination. (On the next page, you’ll have the option to select quantities of your denomination.)

Recipient Name: Type the name of the person you’d like us to mail your gift cards to.

Note & Sender Name: Would you like to customize a note for your recipient? Enter it into this field. And also add your name so your recipient knows its coming from you.

Buy Now Button: Click the Buy Now button and (and on the next page) input the shipping details (your recipient’s mailing address) and complete the transaction. Paypal offers a way to purchase using Paypal (if you have an account) and also via the credit cards.

Mailing Turnaround Time: We’ll be preparing the gift card for mailing out to the recipient and to the shipping address you stated in the purchase the same night of your order.

If you have any questions, please call Yianni (Chilliwack, GI2) at (604) 702-1881.


Gift Card Denominations
Recipient Name
Note To Recipient & Recipient’s Mailing Address
Buyer’s Name & Phone Number

NOTE: Quantity Selection, Shipping & Payment Details will be shown on the next page after you click “Buy Now” button.