Lunch Specials – New creations every week!

Pork Mediterranean Souvlaki Wrap ~ 9.99

Premium selected pork tenders skewered and marinated in our signature greek marinade. Charbroiled to perfection, wrapped in pita with satziki, onions and tomatoes.
Includes our delicious homemade soup and your choice of caesar or greek salad.

Three Farm Fresh Egg Omelette ~ 9.99

Different one every day. Please ask your server.
Served with french fries and a choice of our delicious homemade soup, greek or caesar salad and includes our house garlic pita bread.

Schnitzel Hunter Style ~ 12.99

Lightly breaded schnitzel grilled and topped with our bacon and onion hunter sauce.
Includes rice, roasted potatoes and fresh steamed vegetables.
Choice of our delicious homemade soup, caesar or greek salad and also served with our house garlic pita bread.

Soup and Salad Platter ~ 8.99

Add a skewer of chicken or prawns for only 3.99
A generous portion of caesar or greek salad accompanied with a hearty bowl of our delicious homemade soup.
Served with our house garlic pita bread.

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